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Injuries And Suspensions 17/02/2017

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Injuries And Suspensions 17/02/2017

Post by admin on Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:19 am

Injuries and suspensions 17.02.2017

Mladost Lucani in Radnicki Nis

Mladost Lucani: no absences

Radnicki Nis: Volkov (d, newcomer, probably in), Petrovic (19/2 d, doubtful), Kojic (f, newcomer)

Dunav Ruse v Beroe Stara Zagora

(This game will be held in Razgrad and without audience.)

Dunav Ruse: Diyan Dimov (19/3 m), Vasil Shopov (f 19/4, 2nd top scorer), Miroslav Budinov (5.18 m, top scorer) (and probably all), Luke Martin (18/0 first goalkeeper , doubtful), Anton Ognyanov (18/4 m), Nuriddin Davronov (8/0 m) (both left the club), Ivaylo RADENTSOV (14/0 m)

Beroe Stara Zagora: Blagoy Makendzhiev (19/0 first goalkeeper, left the club), Radoslav Kirilov (14/0 f), Georgi Bozhilov (16/2 f)

FC Augsburg v Bayer Leverkusen

FC Augsburg: Hitz (20/0 first goalkeeper), Stafylidis (18/2 d) (both doubtful), Callsen-Bracker (0/0 d) Caiuby (2/0 m) Finnbogason (6/1 f)

Bayer Leverkusen: Dragovic (10/0 d, probably in), Bender (6/0 m, captain, doubtful), Toprak (15/1 d, suspended), Tah (16/1 d) Calhanoglu (15/6 f , 2nd top scorer, suspended by DFB)

Heidenheim v VfB Stuttgart

Heidenheim: Becker (1/0 d), Feick (d 19/0) (both doubtful), Beermann (14/2 d, suspended), Kraus (8/0 d), Widemann (4/0 f), Halloran ( 14/2 m)

VfB Stuttgart: Pavard (9/1 d), Großkreutz (15/1 d) (both doubtful), Grahl (0/0 g), Sarpei (0/0 m), Maxim (17/2 m) Hosogai (10 / 0 m), Werner (5/0 m)

Roda Kerkrade v Go Ahead Eagles

Roda Kerkrade: Simon Church (4/0 f)

Go Ahead Eagles: Sébastien Locigno (6/0 d), Leon de Kogel (13/0 f) (and probably both), Sander Duits (20/3 m, doubtful), Lars Lambooij (6/0 d), Chris David (0/0 m), Tom Daemen (3/0 m)

Valenciennes FC in Amiens SC

Valenciennes FC: Eloge Enza-Yamissi (23/2 m, suspended), Elhadj Dabo (1.0 m), Sigamary Diarra (1.16 m), Andy Faustin (17/2 f) Lebo Mothiba (0/0 f ), Nuno Da Costa (f 19/9, top scorer)

Amiens SC: Aboubakar Camara (21/9 f, top scorer, suspended), Oualid El Khayyam (1.21 m), Guy N'Gosso (10/0 m), Quentin Cornette (3/0 f), Georges Gope- Fenepej (8/0 f)

SC Bastia v AS Monaco

SC Bastia: Cahuzac (20/0 m), Saint-Ruf (1/0 d) (both suspended), Squillaci (10/0 d) Crivelli (17/7 f, top scorer), Saint-Maximin (22 / 3 m, 2nd top scorer, on loan from Monaco)

AS Monaco: Carrillo (16/7 f) Raggi (9/0 d, suspended) Boschilia (6.11 m)

Istra 1961 Lokomotiva Zagreb

Istra 1961 Mitrevski (15/0 d) Bertoša (10/1 d) (both doubtful), Hadžić (5/0 d) Stepčić (3.16 m)

Lokomotiva Zagreb: Majstorovic (16/0 d) Majer (1.14 m), Radonjic (2/1 f)

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