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VIP MATCHES 12/07/2017

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VIP MATCHES 12/07/2017 Empty VIP MATCHES 12/07/2017

Post by admin on Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:37 am

VIP MATCHES 12/07/2017 Malmy_10

Hallo all

Here i play a SINGLEBET for the Champions League Qualification, second round, as Malmö FF face FK Vardar Skopje

Malmö is in the middle of the season, + they have a good team, who always show that they have alot of passion and they always fight so hard, in those international games

In Sweden, they had a longer break, in the season... the last competition match for Malmö, was about 1 month ago but they are still in full training and season mode, while Vardar Skopje, just started with their preparation, for their next season, which will start in August

Of course Malmö will have two league matches, until they face Vardar, so they will be back, to full fitness, when this game happens

However, after 12 matches, Malmö lead again this season and they won 8 matches of it... so really good + they are always very strong at home

As you may know, i was in all kind of trouble in recent years, with the teams, who are not in full league mode, cause they always struggle

And this time, i hope i can profit, from that fact, that the visitors from Macedonia are not rdy for competition football yet, atleast they should not be

Malmö have a very solid, if not good team, with players like Rosenberg, Christiansen, Berget and more

Opponent Vardar Skopje, is not the worst team in the world, they know how to handle the ball on their feet, without a doubt but as i said earlier, if you have to play against a team who is in the middle of the season, where you are nowhere near it, that means always big trouble... normally and this time it should happening to Vardar Skopje...

Therefore Malmö, to travel with a win to Macedonia

1.53 !! Betway avg 1.38..... should fall more, be very fast guys

Good luck all

EUROPE: Champions League - Qualification - Quarter-finals

19:00 Malmo FF (Swe) - Vardar (Mac)

Pick: Asian Handicap -1,5 Malmo FF (Swe)


ODD 2,00

RESULT: 1 - 1 Lost

VIP MATCHES 12/07/2017 Fox-so10

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