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Post by admin on Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:17 am

Tips for betting - what is most important?
Since most of you in principle and does not know how to really bet, and is generally in a constant loss, we had to write this article. Tips for betting in the form of simple guidelines that will help you.


The most important is the head. The biggest mistakes are made and the most money is lost after the defeat. Why? Because at the moment of losing money, your body activates its F & F system and urges you to prevent loss. But this is mostly not happen. You've probably heard many times that the most important disciplines. I did. Do not bet after the defeat WAIT ANOTHER DAY!
The worst is when the bank is empty. And it is usually emptied immediately after the defeat, is not it? This is no accident. While thinking normally, you will not invest everything you have, as soon as sufficient experience loss that triggers your system for self-defense, moving hell and brings the defeat.
The worst is when you lose so that they start to chase bigger and bigger quotas ... begins with the quota 2 and quickly reach the quota of 6-7 ... as more and more lost. Tips for betting boil down to one! Just do not bet, do not look for the next match.
You will not believe how desperate messages we get in the evening with questions such as "is there some type of tonight?".

The most important types and analysis !

First of all, analysis of the most important details. Do not bet without a good reason. Look at it as an investment that will sometimes be successful, sometimes not. As we have said HERE: THERE ARE NO FIXED !!!
Normally used to miss the match, but the most important thing is that at the end of the month all goes well. Sometimes everything goes in favor of your team, everything, but it can happen to lose anyway. Some red card, own goal ... or simply accidents and mood goalkeeper. IT HAPPENS!


Bank, bank, bank. Why does it matter how the rest? Because you should not lose it all in one day or in one betting. NEVER, but never bothered to invest more than 10% of the Bank. A true professional tipsters, such as people from the team never invest more than 2-3% of the Bank and they themselves say that this is his recipe. Therefore, currently the most successful tipsters the most prestigious foreign site for betting. Those who accompany know. is the most successful team of tipsters in this portal, with a ROI of 160% after 60 games. But we will now advertise the site, those who bet, well know who and what he is doing there ( "rushes" and charged types 100e per month).
A measured types and stakes just always in profit. Therefore, we have been a little bit, being edited is an app server, software ... tested ... but rest. But soon we are by far our most successful member returns.


Waste of money. Normal bookmakers live of you. Especially from those who play at 2-5 eur. No one professional tipster in the world is not betting tickets. It does not exist. With good reason! Max can take place DOUBLE or TRIPLE if quotas are small, and matches more secure (DRAW NO BET). Again, I should make a difference between a system with a single prefix and tickets.

Not bad sometimes play a hefty ticket for the soul, a clean way, but you should not bet ticket.

Reduced risk

Always, but always look to reduce risk. Always bet where you can have Kešaut, ie. payment before the end of the match, and sometimes even before the match.

Play Draw No Bet as much as possible to avoid losing money on the tie. Why is CASH OUT important? PA BECAUSE YOU CAN TAKE THE MONEY AS SOON AS YOUR TEAM sentence OR MATCH strolled in your favor !!! Do not you take full gain, or some 80-90% of net income for sure! Bet SMART !!! If the odds on your team was 1.80. He led 1-0, why do not you take your profit by the value of the quota of 1.60?
To take this opportunity to announce something else, because I was still last week that we will cooperate with SportMiningom. They were popular long before us, but they recognize me at one site where tipsterskom sale types, but we have agreed that in the new season go together. So you will soon name facebook pages change in SportMining, and soon users will get new info .. directly forwarded by SportMininga. This is something that is like your own software for all possible data on your computer, through which you can own that "miners". These data are terribly expensive, but if we, the members - - These data are terribly expensive, but if we, the members be available for a bargain price because it was one of the first conditions that our community does not suffer, so we agreed that foreigners be one price, but for our second. For example, you can see here, in some of the major sites in the world:




The prices data are going to staggering 8000 € per month. Yes, it is true, that you can check. But we will give almost free. I have my "Octopus" rented them to use, and they will us them, with little common modifications. Octopus will continue to sell its types, as before, on and

Also, I will allow the purchase of my picks, directly from me. On successful site for betting there is my statistics for… but whom like, go ahead. Yes, of course, the price for this kind of information, a lot of small / This is proof that we do every month positively.

In any case, what is most important, is that we have an agreement to protect all these years who believed in us and members will be able to extend the membership fee at its current price of… month as they want! After much hard negotiations, they are pushing the price of € 250, how much is now charged on We were able to explain the difference between spending power and therefore can not expect the same price. And members - - will always have great benefits in relation to other users, and those who have been with us so far, this merger will not even feel it. We agree with them on some other important details of which will be notified as soon as possible. On behalf of the entire editorial staff thank you for your trust and hope there's a much greater success in the coming seasons.


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