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Analyses match for today 15/9/2016

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Analyses match for today 15/9/2016

Post by admin on Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:56 pm

19:00 Fjolnir - Throttur
Pepsideild, Iceland

Throttur is definitely the worst team and deservedly is in last place. In the 18 games they have received 43 goals, but by today's opponents were defeated in the last 4 games.

06/24/16 PEP Throttur Fjolnir 0: 5
03/03/16 CUP Fjolnir Throttur 2: 0
15/01/16 CUP Fjolnir Throttur 8: 1
02/21/14 CUP Fjolnir Throttur 1: 0
Therefore, the home win, which is currently third-placed team, itself imposes. There is a big chance that your host give at least 2-3 goals and that will come out of the pass, but the pure home win should not be questioned.


19:00 Olafsvik - Vikingur Reykjavik
Pepsideild, Iceland

The game in which anything can happen, is played by two teams that are not exactly in some form, but today's host is in much worse shape than the guest.

Olafsvik lost the last 7 of 8 matches, while Reykjavik game changing or wins or loses. For this match may not be a bad look for a "surprise" given that Olafsvik has never won Reykjavik.

06/24/16 PEP Vikingur Reykjavik Olafsvik 2: 0
03/15/14 CUP Olafsvik Vikingur Reykjavik 2: 3
9/22/12 DIV Olafsvik Vikingur Reykjavik 3: 3
7/17/12 DIV Vikingur Reykjavik Olafsvik 2: 1
03/19/11 CUP Vikingur Reykjavik Olafsvik 3: 0
Odds on guests is quite good 2.20, but here is perhaps the best play DrawNoBet2 that pays a lot of good 1.70.

18:00 Oil - ND Gorica
Slovenian Cup, Slovenia

Oil and Gorica in recent years play a very open game in which to be a lot of goals. The only problem with this cast is that it comes to a bunch, and therefore the leading and motivation in question. So you just imagine this game as a statistically and who wants to can take it into consideration.

05/12/12 PL Oil ND Gorica 1: 1
03/21/12 PL ND Gorica Nafta 3: 1
29.10.11 PL Oil ND Gorica 2: 3
28.08.11 PL ND Gorica Nafta 2: 1
16/04/11 PL Oil ND Gorica 1: 4
As you can see, the last time they met in 2012 and therefore is also a question of how much things have changed for four years. For those who might risk here is the best option plays GG that pays excellent 2.20, while away win pays a mere 1.20, so it is not worth mentioning.

23:00 Aguilas - La Equidad
Liga Aguila, Colombia

The meeting of two teams that are located next to each other at the table, with the Aguilas had the misfortune to meet the stronger teams in the last few rounds, while the guests played with teams from the middle of the table or from the bottom of the table.

Aguilas has a chance to in front of their fans continue where it left off the previous round. Last round they after two difficult meetings with the leader of the championship, finally won again and away. Today they come to duel team that won four of five mutual matches.

10/04/16 LA La Equidad Aguilas 2: 3
08/01/15 LA Aguilas La Equidad 2: 1
14/02/15 LA La Equidad Aguilas 0: 2
10/10/14 LA La Equidad Aguilas 0: 0
04/04/14 LA Aguilas La Equidad 3: 1

By all accounts shall make every effort to continue winning, especially as today playing in front of their fans. Home win paid a lot more than 2.00, while DrawNoBet1 1.50, which is definitely and quite safe option.


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