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Post by admin on Sat Sep 17, 2016 3:02 pm

Yesterday was fenomenal, caught all three of surprises all the free section of the course, all free!

Be sure to check out what we have for you a lot of useful information that can help a great deal when choosing what to bet today.

14:00 Middelfart - Svendborg
2nd Division Group 2, Denmark

The landlord is in financial trouble and because they took 12 points, but now have a negative scoring score of -1. Today welcomed Svendborg who has not won 6 games played. But their matchup guests are more than successful. The question is whether the financial problems had affected the players host.

06:04:15 2DIV Svendborg Middelfart 1: 1
30.08.14 2DIV Middelfart Svendborg 1: 3
31/05/14 2DIV Middelfart Svendborg 1: 2
06:10:13 2DIV Svendborg Middelfart 3: 2
05:05:13 2DIV Svendborg Middelfart 4: 0
04:08:12 2DIV Middelfart Svendborg 1: 1
01:05:11 2DIV Svendborg Middelfart 3: 0
06:11:10 2DIV Middelfart Svendborg 3: 1

The host is the favorite in this match, which tells the quota of 1.60, but have financial problems and a negative record against today's opponents, but here might be expected surprise. This is not a bad game to try DrawNoBet2 or X2, since the quota on visitors rather large 4.75, and therefore not a bad cover up.

14:00 Wiedenbruck - Siegen
Regionalliga West, Germany

Today host has never won Siegel, and therefore the quota from 5.00 to guests rather dubious. This quota is absurd, not to say that the guests are favorites, but it's certainly worth a try surprise for a smaller stake.

17:05:15 RL Wiedenbruck Siegen 2: 3
15:11:14 RL Siegen Wiedenbruck 1: 0
28.02.14 RL Siegen Wiedenbruck 2: 0
01:09:13 RL Wiedenbruck Siegen 2: 3
06:04:13 RL Siegen Wiedenbruck 1: 0
05:10:12 RL Wiedenbruck Siegen 1: 2

Without much analysis, we will definitely classify this game as a game where it is possible to surprise. The odds are overwhelming to guests, and is sure to be covered with DrawNoBet2 or x2.

15:00 Dukla Praha - Bohemians 1905
1 Division, Czech Republic

Another game that acts as a possible surprise, Dukla is not in some form, but in fact her for the match missing four players. In doing so, even if added to Dukla not won today's guest since 2013.

20/02/16 1L Bohemians 1905 Dukla Prague 1: 0
08/15/15 1L Dukla Prague Bohemians 1905 2: 2
22/03/15 1L Bohemians 1905 Dukla Prague 0: 0
13/09/14 1L Dukla Prague Bohemians 1905 0: 1
09/05/14 1L Bohemians 1905 Dukla Prague 3: 2
24.01.14 TL Bohemians 1905 Dukla Prague 2: 1
08/11/13 1L Dukla Prague Bohemians 1905 1: 1
Odds on guests is a huge 5.25, so here is definitely an option DrawNoBet2 or X2.

16:00 Morton - Dunfermline
Championship, Scotland

Two bad teams meet and everything is possible, but here we might see a surprise due to better performance in their matchup host.

28/03/15 LO Dunfermline Morton 0: 4
24/01/15 LO Morton Dunfermline 2: 0
25.10.14 LO Dunfermline Morton 1: 2
09/20/14 LO Morton Dunfermline 2: 1
04/13/13 CHA Morton Dunfermline 0: 1
23/02/13 CHA Dunfermline Morton 1: 4
29.12.12 CHA Morton Dunfermline 4: 2
20/10/12 CHA Dunfermline Morton 2: 2
30.04.11 CHA Morton Dunfermline 0: 2
03/05/11 CHA Dunfermline Morton 1: 3
06/11/10 CHA Morton Dunfermline 2: 1
Odds on the host is 3.10 and a good option is to cover the double-chance or DrawNoBet1.

17:00 Aves - Academico Viseu
Segunda Liga, Portugal

Aves is only one managed to win today's guest. The fact is that the host plays a lot of hard and played a lot of outstanding game of the season and lost only one match, so it is no wonder the favorite at odds.

17.04.16 EN Academico Viseu Aves 3: 2
06.12.15 EN Aves Academico Viseu 1: 2
05.10.15 EN Aves Academico Viseu 2: 3
01.04.15 EN Academico Viseu Aves 3: 0
05.10.14 EN Aves Academico Viseu 4: 2
15.12.13 EN Academico Viseu Aves 3: 0

Odds on guests is enormous, even 5.50. And as in previous matches is not bad cover with X2 or DrawNoBet2

All interested for additional information for VIP matches effectiveness of our insiders about 80% per month !

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