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Post by admin on Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:55 am

Yesterday, we caught the surprise that we have proposed, this article can be seen HERE We hope that we still find for you possible surprises.

We inform you that the updated information in the following categories:

Injuries and suspensions strongest leagues
facts On
Team Player stats

Be sure to check out what we have for you a lot of useful information that can help a great deal when choosing what to bet today.

19:00 Hacken - Goteborg
Allsvenskan, Sweden

Goteborg is in crisis when the game away, the last 4 hosting failed to record a win, and every match is received at least 2 goals.

09/12/16 ALL Malmo FF Goteborg 3: 1
08.25.16 EL Qarabag Goteborg 3: 0
21/08/16 ALL Hammarby Goteborg 2: 0
08/08/16 ALL Djurgarden Goteborg 3: 1
Today game against a team that had not won since mid-2011. Is time to Goteborg interrupted his black series and join the teams from the top of the table remains to be seen today.

04/06/16 ALL Hacken Goteborg 1: 0
16/08/15 ALL Hacken Goteborg 4: 0
04/19/15 ALL Hacken Goteborg 1: 2
21/03/15 CUP Hacken Goteborg 3: 1
19/10/14 ALL Hacken Goteborg 3: 2
06/02/14 ALL Hacken Goteborg 1: 1
08/04/13 ALL Hacken Goteborg 3: 1
31/03/13 ALL Hacken Goteborg 0: 3
01/10/12 ALL Hacken Goteborg 1: 1
04/23/12 ALL Hacken Goteborg 1: 2
22/09/11 ALL Hacken Goteborg 2: 2

In addition to high-risk home win that pays more than 2.80, not bad cover with DrawNoBet2, but also it is certain that there will be goals, however, and the game GG and 3+, and the combination of these two games GG3 +, seems like a good solution.

20:15 Garcilaso - FBC Melgar
Primera Division, Peru

Melgar is a much better team than the present host indicating the status of the table. Currently, drugoplasirna team, but breathing down their neck Municipal with only point behind, but the ball more.

Melgar lately knows how to play against Garcilaso mail them lately very often winning.

23:07:16 PD Garcilaso FBC Melgar 1: 2
19:04:16 PD FBC Melgar Garcilaso 3: 1
09:12:15 PD Garcilaso FBC Melgar 0: 4
06:12:15 PD FBC Melgar Garcilaso 1: 0
03:12:15 PD FBC Melgar Garcilaso 2: 1
(1: 1)
16:09:15 PD FBC Melgar Garcilaso 2: 0

What scares in this game is a huge increase in the quota to the guests, the reason we were not able to find. So the odds of the guests went to 2.60 to 3.60. Caution should be exercised with this game, but the game DrawNoBet2 or X2 quite a good option.

All interested for additional information for VIP matches effectiveness of our insiders about 80% per month !

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