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Champions League 06.12/2016

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Champions League 06.12/2016

Post by admin on Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:18 pm

First to congratulate the team for a fantastic day yesterday and the day before yesterday, the victory we have everything, the odds were fantastic. Two perfect days, you can see them here:

Tonight we will have our last couple of competitors in the Champions League, so let's see how the teams are now.

One of the games that have absolutely no competitive significance is Barcelona in Monchengladbach. Luis Enrique has announced a combined composition, Neymar and Rakitic were suspended, and the top scorer and player Monch Štindl. German team also does not need the points, so you should expect an open match where the combined composition Barse with a couple of young talents trying to impose Enrique. It works like 1 & Over 2,5 because both teams have the results by the pressure and may ease to play football.

A similar situation is with Arsenal. Definitely be a surprise. While Arsenal is far better, Wenger will surely rest the stars of the team. Why? Well, Arsenal has a chance to finish first in the group if they win tonight, but this is conditioned by the fact that PSG kiksne at home against Ludogorets. The probability of that happening in the field of statistical errors, but Wenger faces a tough, tough December. It is known that teams from the Premier League preparing for Boxing Days at the beginning of the month and even then decide on the title. Many games, gunner title is finally in sight, the great and well placed to play. That I can go to sign to get 10 points from the following 4 games or come out from the Champions League would certainly do so because they PL far more important than a better placement in the Champions League you will not win anyway. Therefore, tonight at Arsenal expect the composition of the "third round of the FA Cup." Basel can be finished in third place, will suffice and the tie because Ludogorec probably lose. Of course, it is not excluded that other team Arsenal "loads up" the host, if the game is open because they are still by far the better team that will play without load and with a desire to impose the first team, first of all I expect a good game poke, while the opportunity to documents and impose a Jenkinson, Ivobi, Perez Martinez, Elneni, Kokelin, Adelaide, Remzi and Holding. Do not expect a different composition of here, and go out into the field Sanchez would be a real shock.

Bayern welcomes Atletico in an exhibition match that can not change anything whatever the result to be. Both teams have bigger concerns in their championship, especially Bayern who looks "in the back" smallish Leipzig. I expect goals or 0-0.

Now, a group which is still not known who will go on. Benfica poured 3 points two weeks ago when he allowed 0-3 3-3. To stay in the competition they need a draw or victory against Napoli which is complete and you do not play Milik. On the other hand, Besiktas travel to Kiev and they "just like a victory", as well as combinations with a draw because the outcome is better than Napoli in mutual duels. Benfica is the best in each other duels against Napoli and from Besiktas, while Besiktas better than Napoli. What does that mean, Naples is to be or not to be tonight, i can not go on with a draw if Besiktas do not win, but I do not think that will wait for such an outcome. I would not dare to predict the outcome, anything is possible, so it will be very interesting to watch tonight. It seems to me that Besiktas will not be too many chances in the first half, will have the result of the second match. I expect X2 at the break.

PSG welcomes Ludogorec and there's a lot of talk. The quota is small for anything, even for a lot of goals, the surprise does not believe, however, that I will not play.

Guardiola has announced changes in the City, the combined composition, but how could it not, Siti is definitely in the player crisis. Aguero will veroravno play, because they will not be able to until the end of December, but I do not think Guardiola will leave football. Others, however others whatever they do, will not risk injury, a Celtic so far quite "loaded" and received even 15 goals. An average of 3 per game, but I do not think tonight will be far more than that. Siti gives two goals here, acting as a safe game will be relieved, but they need a little good atmosphere.

Rostov made a splash by winning against Bayern, but whether it will winter in Europe depends on tonight's match. Rostov is not a very good team, although they were given Bayern, it happens, but not PSV. PSV is a lot worse than previous seasons, so expect a trench battle here, and we will act Rostov still able to resist tonight.

Barcelona vs Monchengladbach Tip: 1 & Over 2,5

Dinamo Kiev vs Besiktas Tip: First half X2

City vs Celtic Tip: 1 & Over 1,5 host

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