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Free Football Pick 29.06.2018

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Free Football Pick 29.06.2018 Empty Free Football Pick 29.06.2018

Post by admin on Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:28 pm

Free Football Pick 29.06.2018 22268510

29. Jun 2018 Veikkausliiga - FC Lahti vs HJK Helsinki

Game odds suggest its going to be one-sided game where we most probably see 2.5+ goals scored. Lets make some basic conclusions from the past data: FC Lahti has collected 8 wins, 11 draws and 1 losses in their last 20 games. Last 10 HOME games of FC Lahti have shown us 6 wins, 4 draws and 0 losses. Their last HOME game was on 25. June against KuPS and it ended with home win (1-0). If we look at the last 20 games of HJK Helsinki, we note 14 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. Last 9 AWAY games of HJK Helsinki are following: 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses. Most recent AWAY game was on 20. June vs KuPS and the outcome was home win (2-1). Looking at the data above, we at see a high chance of DRAW as both teams have similar past performance.

It is a game between High ranking team FC Lahti and Top ranking team HJK Helsinki. FC Lahti's last 10 HOME games against Top ranking teams show 1 wins, 7 draws and 2 losses. HJK Helsinki AWAY performance against High ranking teams shows 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses from last 10 AWAY games. FC Lahti's attacking performance is avg. 0.8 goals per game vs HJK Helsinki's 1.7. On the defensive side, we have FC Lahti with 0.9 and HJK Helsinki with 0.9 goals conceded per game. Taking all the Rank-based facts into consideration we see the victory of HJK Helsinki as they have a big advatage over FC Lahti.

When we look at the last 20 games of FC Lahti, we note 7 Overs and 13 Unders. Among the last 20 games of HJK Helsinki, there have been 12 Overs and 8 Unders. Considering the rank-based O/U 2.5 stats of FC Lahti we see 2 Overs and 8 Unders in their last 10 HOME games against teams with similar ranking and performace as HJK Helsinki. HJK Helsinki has seen 7 Overs and 3 Unders in their last 10 AWAY games against teams with similar ranking and performance as FC Lahti has. FC Lahti is averaging 1.4 goals in their home games while HJK Helsinki makes about 1.11 goals away from home. Taking both numbers together we get 2.51 goals per match between the teams. FC Lahti concedes 0.7 goals on average and HJK Helsinki 0.56. Both teams´s stats combined, we get a total of 1.26 goals conceded per match. With these statistics, we guess a total score of 1.9 goals per match. History shows that 35% of games end Over 2.5 for FC Lahti and 60% for HJK Helsinki. When trying to give a proper Over/Under 2.5 football prediction ,I would say it is possibly a match where we see UNDER 2.5 goals scored.

FC Lahti's last 20 matches show us 12 games where both teams scored and 8 games where only one team scored or none. From HJK Helsinki's last 20 games 9 have seen both teams scoring and 11 only one team/no score. Ranking-based BTS stats of FC Lahti show us 7 BTS YES and 3 NO's. For HJK Helsinki, we have seen 7 BTS YES and 3 NO's. There is a 75% chance of FC Lahti scoring today, 85% for HJK Helsinki. Probability of conceding a goal is 65% for FC Lahti and 50% for HJK Helsinki. Considering all the numbers, it is going to be a game where BOTH TEAMS have a great chance to score and thus the best BTTS football would be BOTH TEAMS to Score.

FINLAND: Veikkausliiga

18:00 FC Lahti VS HJK Helsinki

1. Pick: Both teams scored   ODD 2,00

2. Pick: Over 2.5 goals   ODD 2,23  

Free Football Pick 29.06.2018 Fox-so10

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