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Post by admin on Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:27 pm

Oman: Professional League - 11/22/2016 - 16:00
Oruba Al - Al Nasr - [1: 1.97] - [X: 2.91] - [2: 3.87]
Oruba is currently the second placed team with only one loss in rate follows the leader in the standings, Dhofar, on the other hand Al Nasr plays quite correct, but at home they do not really blooming roses and so have the record of 1-2-1 with goal difference 4: 4th

Oruba front of their fans a great game, and so far only one team out with one point. Oruba mainly from their fans is making every effort to take the three points, that is always going to win, they will try.

The meeting between Oruba lately quite good as you can see below.

31/01/2016 - Al Oruba Al Nasr - (1: 0)
18.10.2015 - Nasr Al: Al Oruba - (1: 3)
03.05.2015 - Nasr Al: Al Oruba - (1: 2)
29.04.2015 - Al Oruba Al Nasr - (2: 1)
19.04.2015 - Al Nasr Al Oruba - (0: 0)
05.12.2014 - Al Oruba Al Nasr - (1: 0)
12.04.2014 - Nasr Al: Al Oruba - (2: 1)

In this match we expect Oruba front of their fans chasing three points, it will be a very tough game, since the hosts played a lot of tough football, but certainly we give priority to the host, which for the excellent score lately in mutual duels, because of home advantage. The odds on the home is quite good and paid almost double.

England: League One - 22/11/2016 - 20:45
Bradford - Northampton - [1: 1.87] - [X 3.40] - [2: 4.09]
Bradford has recently had very difficult matches with teams from the top, but still recorded just one defeat to the last game where they roam Southend. While other matches largely solved in its favor.

On the other hand Northampton is a game with teams or from the middle or lower part of the table, and can be said to have played a rather nestandradno and they have colorful score in the last 5 matches with a record 2-0-3.

Bradford is definitely better team than guests, but also in the past have shown that a very know how to deal with a team like Northampton.

18.05.2013 - Bradford v Northampton - (3: 0)
06.04.2013 - Bradford v Northampton - (1: 0)
13.11.2012 - Bradford v Northampton - (4: 3 pen.)
03.11.2012 - Northampton: Bradford - (1: 1)
23.10.2012 - Northampton: Bradford - (0: 1)
14.04.2012 - Northampton: Bradford - (1: 3)
22.10.2011 - Bradford v Northampton - (2: 1)
19.03.2011 - Bradford Northampton - (1: 1)
25.09.2010 - Northampton: Bradford - (2: 0)

The quota was increased slightly at all the games in this match so far home win pays 1.91 which is enough in this game. After Bradford us a better team, playing at home, Northampton can boast form, so that our proposal home win which pays almost double.

England: League Two - 22/11/2016 - 20:45
Yeovil - Crawley - [1 2:01] - [X: 3.29] - [2: 3.67]
The meeting of two teams that are in completely different forms, plays host to a great lately, and Crawley is in crisis.

Yeovil in the last round showed character, even in the match against Colchester that led to 86 minutes, managed only 5 minutes to reach two goals and to achieve a significant victory on home soil.

Today will definitely have an easier task against a team that is sinking deeper and deeper.

01/23/2016 - Yeovil: Crawley Town - (2: 1)
19.09.2015 - Crawley Town v Yeovil - (0: 1)
07.02.2015 - Yeovil: Crawley Town - (2: 1)
08.11.2014 - Yeovil: Crawley Town - (1: 0)
27.09.2014 - Crawley Town v Yeovil - (2: 0)

Yeovil's last four games decided in his favor against today's opponents. For this match, tilted all the home win, form, quality, H2H, statistics, so that our proposal Yeovil victory in front of their fans that pays double.

Milton Keynes Dons - Chesterfield
Football / Eng. League One / Kick off: 22 Nov 2016 20:45

Realistically meet two bad teams, where everything is possible, however, the current situation is as follows.

Guests in this match will have personnel problems, which in addition to the extremely bad form, can be extremely aggravating circumstance against today's "derby" match.

Chester is unlikely to be able to count on the first goalkeeper, then the defender Graham, as well as midfielders Nolan and also have problems with some players who are doubtful for this match.

Our opinion is that Milton will try to take advantage of home field, as well as personnel problems for a very bad team Čestrefilda and will try to tempt an win this match and to finally make their fans a victory. Chester is the last 5 games lost all five and with a goal difference of 2:12. So that in this game we give priority to the host and suggest the home side's victory, which pays about 1.80.

Port Vale - Oldham Athletic
Football / Eng. League One / Kick off: 22 Nov 2016 20:45

Frankly this quota seems a little wrong, that is extremely large in the host without any special reason. It is true that Port Vale shows two very different faces when they play at home, where it has an excellent record of 6-2-1, while the guests as if they have two left feet, so at home they have score 1-2-6. Pretty amazing that their game so dependent on home field.

Frankly something very strange going on in this game, since the odds on the home increased from 2.25 to 2.75, a nsima that we managed to find the reason for such a jump quota.

As far as staffing issues, there are no excessive problems in any of the teams.

Port will not be able to count on two players: Foley (13/0 goals), Grant (15/0), while Oldham will not be able to count on the Green (17/0).

Porto coach also said he expects victory in this match! Port is expected to be found in the play offs this season, and is then expected that this match must be victorious or at least not to lose, even if we added to playing at home, where they provide excellent party, it is difficult to expect that this match can lose.

On this match courageous can try a clean home win which pays neverovtanih 2.75, while not a bad option to cover with DrawNoBet1 just because something strange is going on in this game and quota too is growing at Porta victory, but in the case of a tie, at least you will not be at a loss.

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