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Post by admin on Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:47 am

As in previous days, and yesterday our analysis of the last great, caught both of surprises, this article can pogledatiOVDEhttp:

and Vip match analysis, which can be seen HERE

We inform you that the updated information in the following categories:

Injuries and suspensions strongest leagues
facts On
Team Player stats
Be sure to check out what we have for you a lot of useful information that can help a great deal when choosing what to bet today.

Today is not no choice match on the program, there are a bunch of games that are played in the Cup, which is always a double-edged sword or quotas miserably small, but we will try to find something that deserves more attention.

17:30 Sandhausen - Heidenheim
2 Bundesliga, Germany

The championship is almost started, but the forms are not yet sufficiently crystallized, but how are things guests are doing much better season than the host and have a record of 3-1-1, while guests have a record of 1-1-3. When added to the fact that today hosts just one win in their matchup, goods preference should be given to the guests.

13:02:16 2BUN Heidenheim Sandhausen 1: 1
28/10/15 POK Sandhausen Heidenheim 0: 1
(0: 0)
21:08:15 2BUN Sandhausen Heidenheim 0: 0
03:05:15 2BUN Sandhausen Heidenheim 2: 2
21:11:14 2BUN Heidenheim Sandhausen 3: 0
CF 10.01.13 Sandhausen Heidenheim 0: 1
05:05:12 3LIG Sandhausen Heidenheim 1: 2
03:12:11 3LIG Heidenheim Sandhausen 2: 1
12:02:11 3LIG Sandhausen Heidenheim 1: 2
21:08:10 3LIG Heidenheim Sandhausen 1: 1
06:02:10 3LIG Heidenheim Sandhausen 1: 0
15:08:09 3LIG Sandhausen Heidenheim 3: 0
As you can see, a lot of cloud matches has played outstanding, but certainly away win is not bad cover the DrawNoBet2 or X2.

20:00 Volendam - Maastricht
Eredivisie, Netherlands

Both teams are quite good, with the identical score of 7 games 4-2-1, and thus this big difference in quota is not exactly clear. Odds on the host is 1.90, while the guests 3.60. Realistically, if we do not !?

When added to the fact that the last few meetings Matriht plays very well against Volendam, forces us to imagine. The only problem with this cast is that it comes to the Cup, but the very motivation called into question.

06/05/16 ERE Maastricht Volendam 1: 2
02/05/16 ERE Maastricht Volendam 2: 1
06.03.16 EER Maastricht Volendam 0: 1
18.10.15 EER Maastricht Volendam 3: 1
04.10.15 EER Maastricht Volendam 6: 2
28.09.14 EER Volendam Maastricht 3: 0
02.21.14 EER Maastricht Volendam 0: 1
11.17.13 EER Maastricht Volendam 1: 2
This is not a bad taste in addition to winning guests who pay serious 3,60 and play DrawNoBet2 or X2.

21:00 Le Havre - Brest
Ligue 2, France

Brest currently provides much better the lot of the host, the quota from 4.00 to guests rather doubtful, and even began to fall, so we have this match attracted attention. In addition to better form on the side of the guests are going and their matchup, as you can see below.

08:04:16 L2 Brest Le Havre 0: 0
23:11:15 L2 Le Havre Brest 0: 0
20:04:15 L2 Le Havre Brest 1: 1
08:11:14 L2 Brest Le Havre 1: 0
3/28/14 L2 Brest Le Havre 1: 1
25.10.13 L2 Le Havre Brest 0: 1
14:01:10 L2 Brest Le Havre 2: 1
Play the guests is quite risky, but DrawNoBet2 or X2 is very correct okplada.

21:00 Nimes - Troyes
Ligue 2, France

02:05:15 L2 Nimes Troyes 1: 2
15:12:14 L2 Troyes Nimes 2: 0
24.01.14 L2 Troyes Nimes 2: 1
08/27/13 COU Nimes Troyes 1: 2
16:08:13 L2 Nimes Troyes 3: 2

A similar situation as the above-mentioned match the same priority, provided that the customer is a little worse than the host, who is tied with two wins in a row. Troy them has won the last four mutual duel, but the last two games when Troy was guest was identical to the result of 1: 2, but despite many risky game DrawNoBet2 or X2, also imposes play GG.

All interested for additional information for VIP matches effectiveness of our insiders about 80% per month !

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